Experience an extraordinary gastronomic adventure in these underrated EU cities

Image source: themileageclub.com


Europe is a major destination for hundreds of millions of tourists around the world. In fact, the hospitality business in the region is so big that in 2014, one in ten enterprises in the European non-financial business economy belonged to the tourism industries. Its biggest attractions are its majestic ancient and medieval wonders, but visitors also flock to the continent for its diverse and glamorous food scene.  Whether you’re a foodie who just wants to have that once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic experience or if you’re a humble connoisseur of the finest wines, these emerging food hotpots in Europe should be on your itinerary:


1. Dubrovnik

Image source: happytrips.com

Located along the Dalmatian coastline, this fascinating Croatian city is a home to a delectable range of seafood cuisines, cooked fresh off the boat in a Mediterranean-style of food preparation that will definitely bring up your appetite.  If you’re more of a truffle fan, did you know that it was in Croatia where they have discovered one of the world’s largest truffle? No wonder why gourmet fungi is popular all over the country.


2. Bordeaux

Image source: williams-sonoma.com

Paris and Lyon may be two of the most visited places to eat in France but Bordeaux has its own charm when it comes to its wine culture – however, if we scratch the surface, there’s more to this French city than just a haven of finest wines – its emerging food and restaurant culture. The developing food scene in Bordeaux is credited to the advent of the bistronomy movement, a new culinary movement that’s rejuvenating France’s restaurant scene, attracting a new wave of chefs and culinary experts to the city.


3. Lisbon

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An impressive range of seafood from the waters of the Atlantic, an abundance of fruits and fresh meat from Portugal’s countryside: what more could any epicurean ask for? This destination is a treasure island for gourmet pirates who would to enjoy the privilege of a wide selection of Michelin starred- restaurants, relaxed cafes, and interesting establishments and bistros around the city.