REPOST: The Best Places to Travel in Europe This Year

Europe is a universal staple on every traveler’s bucket list, and there is a very good reason for that. suggests 10 destinations that globetrotters–whether first-time vacationers or repeat tourists–must visit this year, with trip highlights such as museums, historic architecture, and fantastic cuisines!

Why should you visit Europe on your next vacation? As the team at new nightlife and travel website SELECT: Your City’s Secrets Unlocked (the fastest way to get to know any city and live like a local) is fond of pointing out, there are a multitude of reasons. For example: World class museums. Movie-worthy beaches. Picturesque skiing. Historic architecture. And, oh yeah, great food, even better wine and all the culture and history you could ever dream of. But what are the best places to visit in Europe, and which travel destinations should you keep in mind when you want to broaden your horizons and get out of your comfort zone? If you’re ready for adventure, here are ten top hotspots to put on your list today.



First Place to Stop: Belfast

What’s rated as Europe’s top attraction in several polls? The Titanic Museum, which shows off replica cabins and the slip where the fabled ship was built. The W5 children’s science and discovery museum also notches up rave reviews, with more than 250 interactive exhibits on offer, including a multi-story climbing exploration tower aptly called Climbit.



First Place to Stop: Dubrovnik

This “pearl of the Adriatic” boasts medieval architecture, stunning beaches and exquisite natural beauty. Oh, and if you’re a Game of Thrones fan who appreciates atmospheric locales, rest assured: It’s a must-see city. Croatia’s got several up-and-coming wine regions to explore as well—if you need a quick guide to the area, Dubrovnik Wine Tours can help give you a taste of the region.



First Place to Stop: Bordeaux

A new high-speed TGV Oceane train connects Paris to Bordeaux, making it possible to journey in less than six hours from the capital’s cultural attractions to the wine and beaches of one of the world’s most fabled retreats. Be sure to check out the recently opened Cite du Vin wine museum as well, and—on a hot day—cool off at the Water Mirror, where you can get misted in rhythmic bursts to cool down in between wine tastings and cultural endeavors.



First Place to Stop: Zermatt

If you like mountain hiking and skiing, then Zermatt’s a must-visit destination. Neighbors to the sky-touching Matterhorn, this Swiss town has been a tourist destination for centuries. The five-star Riffelalp Resort, facing the mountain, just reopened after a remodeling in December, with ski access—a visit should quickly be added to your bucket list.


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